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Environmentally Sensitive Design Research Structure Presentation

By Alex | December 2, 2008

Summary: BS8887 Manufacture Assembly Disassembly and End-of-Life Processing (MADE) was first published in 2006. Part of its purpose is to reduce the damaging impacts of manufactured products through the inclusion of environmentally sensitive design principles during the early phase of new product development. Methods for evaluating the standard’s acceptance and implementation by organisations that have purchased it, as well as opportunities for further enhancement are explored.
Research Structure Presentation 26 Nov 2008

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Notes on An Inconvenient Truth

By Alex | July 18, 2008

About the time I started working on my M.A., Al Gore released his excellent film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. As I was studying climate change, I wrote a set of extensive notes about the content of the movie. The notes are focused on the scientific and political material rather than his personal anecdotes.

Notes on An Inconvenient Truth

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Commercial and Social Factors

By Alex | July 17, 2008

I wrote this essay 10 years ago for a 2nd year bachelors level project. I’ve decided to include it here because the approach of visiting industrial companies and interviewing key members of staff is similar to that which I am proposing for my PhD.

Ford was seen to be proactively developing cleaner technologies, whereas Aston Martin and Morgan were merely reacting to the requirements of legislation.

Commercial and Social Factors Essay

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