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Alex’s Brunel University School of Engineering and Design PhD Thesis

By Alex | July 29, 2012

Standards in Sustainable Engineering and Design

Hamilton Prize awarded for the Best Thesis in Design, 2011/12 academic year!!!

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Dr Alexander V C Plant

By Alex | March 25, 2012

PhD Viva passed 23 March 2012! Click here for Presentation Slides

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Standards for Materials Supply Risk Working Group

By Alex | March 4, 2012

Here is a set of presentation slides from BSI that references my research into the use of BS 8887-1: Why use standards?

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IED Membership

By Alex | August 24, 2011

In May/June this year I was elected by the Council of the Institution of Engineering Designers as a Member of the IED. This was based on:

• Qualifications (supported by relevant certificates etc.)
• Written Professional Review
• Examination by the Institution’s Membership Committee
• Peer review interview at AWE

IED is also licensed to assess candidates for Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Chartered Engineer (CEng) registration.

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Feedback Welcome!

By Alex | May 13, 2011

You can now add your thoughts and opinions to the articles on this website. Just click on the comments link at the bottom of each entry. The first time you do this the system will ask you for a username and email, and then send you a password. This is necessary to prevent the site becoming inundated with spam.

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MADE and the Sustainable Design Network

By Alex | April 11, 2011

Following the presentation of my paper ‘Design Standards: Industrial Acceptance and Implementation’ at the Loughborough University Design School Research Student Conference 2010 (DeSReS), I was pleased to be invited to contribute to another similar event organised by the Sustainable Design Network, an initiative from the same group. The event, ‘Sustainable Consumption: 16th Sustainable Design Network Seminar’, was held at Nottingham Trent University. My paper for this was ‘Case Studies in the Application of Sustainable Design Standards’. It was an update to my previous year’s address in that new developments within the research were outlined. This was done with a particular emphasis on the economic benefit of Sustainable Design, along with how it has been integrated into the new product development process by commercial organisations.

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MADE in Cambridge!

By Alex | April 11, 2011

The 15th Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium was held on 23rd – 24th September 2010 at Churchill College, Cambridge University. At this event I presented a paper entitled ‘Design for Manufacture and Sustainability in New Product Development’. The paper relating to this in the proceedings can be downloaded from IFM’s website by clicking on the link associated with its title. Following publication in the IFM Symposium proceedings (ISBN 978-1-902546-90-2), an abridged version was printed in the March/April edition of the Journal of The Institution of Engineering Designers. Here it was re-titled as ‘Design for life (and beyond)’.

Both this and my earlier literature review paper in The Journal of the Institution of Engineering Designers generated positive comments and feedback from Industrial Practitioners. This is particularly pleasing as a secondary goal of my PhD research is to stimulate discussion about Sustainable Design and especially Design for Manufacture Assembly Disassembly and End-of-Life Processing (DfMADE).

At the same event, I was pleased to be named as co-author on a paper by another Brunel University academic, Rebecca De Coster. Her paper is entitled ‘Sustainable Development Strategies for Product Provision and Manufacturing Approaches’. This work has been further developed with reference to case studies from my own research. In this revised form it has now been accepted into the 21st International Conference on Production Research which will run from 31st July – 4th August, 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany. The title of this new paper is ‘Sustainable Design Strategies for Electronics Products Utilising Life-cycle Assessment (LCA)’.

At ReSCon (2010) I won a prize of £400 awarded by Brunel University for my oral presentation entitled ‘Economic benefits of Sustainable Design Standards in Industry’. This money was used fund my attendance at the 15th Cambridge IFM symposium.

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Raising the Standard

By Alex | February 17, 2011

In late in 2009 I completed an initial literature review to support my research into industrial acceptance and implementation of BS 8887-1 (2006) ‘Design for Manufacture, Assembly, Disassembly and End-of-Life Processes’. This was entitled ‘A Review of Standards and Legislation in Sustainable Product Design’. It was published in The Journal of the Institution of Engineering Designers, January/February 2011 edition. The paper’s descriptive title was preceded by the headline ‘Raising the Standard’ added by the Journal’s editors.

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Standard Industrial Classification of Organisations that have accessed BS 8887-1

By Alex | May 13, 2010

On the 30th March 2010 the first full peer reviewed journal article resulting from this research was published. The paper appears in the Taylor and Francis publication, the International Journal of Sustainable Engineering, produced by Loughborough University. The article is entitled Design Standards for Product End-of-Life Processing. It can be downloaded from the publisher by following the link associated with the paper’s title, and the abstract can be viewed free of charge.

The next journal paper is currently a work in progress. It deals with how BS 8887-1 has been integrated within the industrial design process and how the application of its principles has improved the profitability of businesses that have applied its requirements to their products.

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MADE at “Sustainable Innovation ‘09”

By Alex | December 23, 2009

The Sustainable Innovation Conference is an annual event organised by Martin Charter and Ros Carruthers of the University for the Creative Arts. This year it was held at Farnham Castle. The conference was a great success and well attended. It featured many expert speakers discussing various facets of sustainability and progress towards low carbon economies.
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