I am a professional designer and draftsman with many years of experience in a variety of design and engineering roles, backed by a strong academic record.  I am certified by SolidWorks, and have considerable experience using their software in multiple disciplines.

My designs cover everything from kitchens, bedrooms and conservatories to prison furniture, industrial racking, military equipment and consumer products.

I am often available for contracting work, and new clients are always welcome.  So please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

A very small selection of my work is shown below, click an image to see more details.

Heat Light Combination Light RHS Gas Tap 2 Gas Tap 1 Beer Tap Ambient & Heated Food Display 5 Blade LPG Burner 3 Three Burner Griddle 4 Blade LPG Burner 3.1 Three Burner Griddle 2 Two Burner Griddle 1 Single Burner Griddle